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Gifts and Donations

Article I Introduction.

The Board encourages donations to the Library which further its mission. Such donations are managed in accordance with 75 ILCS 16/30-75. The Library reserves the right to decline any donation that the Board, at its sole discretion, deems to be not in the best interests of the Library to accept.

Article II Monetary Donations.

Section 1 Restricted Donations.

The Library accepts monetary donations, bequests or memorials with conditions on their use provided that the specific use requested is consistent with the mission of the Library. Such money is usually deposited in the Trust Account for future expenditure by the Board. Such money will be deposited in the General Fund if the money is to be used for a previously budgeted item or to reimburse the Library for a purchase already made from the General Fund.

Section 2 Library Materials.

The Library accepts monetary donations for the purpose of purchasing Library materials consistent with the objectives of the Library collections. Money that is donated is deposited in the Trust Account for expenditure by the Library Director.

Section 3 Unrestricted Donations

The Library accepts monetary donations without restrictions on their use. Such money is deposited in the General Fund for expenditures during the fiscal year or transferred to the Special Reserve Fund if unexpended.

Article III Donations of Library Materials.

The Library accepts donated materials as storage space permits with the understanding that they may be disposed of in a manner most convenient to the Library if the materials are not added to the collection. Materials not accepted may be donated to other institutions, offered on an equal basis to the public through the Friends of the Library book sale, or discarded. The Library issues a receipt for donated materials but does not establish a monetary value for the donation. The decision to add an item to the collection rests with the Library Director or designee.

Article IV Donations of Decorative or Display Objects.

Section 1 Criteria for Accepting Gifts.

The Library has stated responsibility for educating, enriching and inspiring. These responsibilities are reflected in Library services, collections, the design of the Library and the utilization of decorative and display objects within the Library. In keeping with these responsibilities, the Library will avoid the installation of permanent displays or artistic decorations, in favor of rotating displays and works of art that will serve to stimulate and renew interest. The following points must be considered by the Library before accepting a gift of this kind:

A. Evaluation of the object itself will be based upon several considerations:

  1. Does it conform to the general design of the building?
  2. Will it fit comfortably into the space available?
  3. Does the object make optimum use of the space available?
  4. Is the object appropriate to Library objectives, or would it be better elsewhere?
  5. Will it cost more to accept the gift than it is worth to the District?
    • Cost of insurance
    • Cost of restoration
    • Cost of display
    • Cost of material and labor maintaining the gift
    • Cost of disposing of it or storing it
  6. Is it generally acceptable to the Board?

B. No gift will be accepted by the Library unless it is freely given to the extent that the Library may:

  1. Dispose of the gift as it sees fit (selling it, discarding it or giving it away, etc.)
  2. Store the gift or move it to various locations.

Section 2 Procedure for Accepting Gifts.

Initial evaluation of the gift to determine its usefulness to the Library will be made by the Resources, Services and Long-Range Planning Committee of the Library Board. The Library’s gift policy will be explained. If both the Library and the donor wish to continue negotiations, authorities may be consulted to determine the merit of the gift.

The final determination of the acceptability of all such gifts lies with the Board. The Library will not place a monetary value on any gift, since it will not be recognized as expert by the Federal Government.

Article V Publicity.

The names of people making donations to the Library will not be released without their consent. The details of any such release will be approved by the donors. Library materials, equipment or display objects will be displayed in a way appropriate to their use by the public as determined by the Library.


Adopted: 12/21/76

Revised: 10/17/95

Reviewed: 2/17/98

Revised: 3/20/01

Revised: 12/16/03

Revised: 10/18/05

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