Cook Library Cinema Club: 55 Movies Every Kid Should See

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For so many of us, our love of movies began when we were young children.  What is the first truly special movie you remember seeing as a child?  Perhaps it was E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialToy Story Mary Poppins?  What movie will be the first "best" movie memory for today's kids?  The chances are very good that it may turn out to be one of the movies we remember so well from our own childhoods.  Whether our first favorite movies simply sparked our imaginations, filled us with wonder, scared us silly, encouraged us to sing-a-long, or perhaps even made us cry -- there is little doubt that certain movies over the years have proven they have the power to move or inspire generations of children like no others. 


This week's edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine offers an amazing list of the 55 Movies Every Kid Should See before age 13.  To make it really easy for parents, the films are listed in recommended viewing order, and by the suggested age for initial viewing.  Just a quick scan of the list brought a smile to my face and brought back lots of happy memories of time spent in the wondrous company of some of the greatest family movies ever made. 


As luck would have it, the library just happens to own each of the 55 recommended titles on DVD and/or Blu-ray!  What a perfect excuse to fill in gaps in your own movie-viewing history -- or to curl up on the couch together with your family -- and celebrate the true magic of the movies.  You may even learn to speak a little 'Whale' in the process!  Check out the Entertainment Weekly list -- and enjoy! 



Becky King



You can find adult services librarian Becky King at both the Cook Park and Aspen Drive library locations.  She is a huge movie fan, loves reading mysteries and thrillers, and is currently hooked on the TV series The Good Wife.