Lower Level Spotlight: Book Club Shelves

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“Wow – I had no idea all this was down here!” Three years after the completion of the renovation of our Cook Park Library, we still hear words to that effect a few times every week. In addition to major parts of the library’s holdings (music CDs, mysteries, science fiction, books on language and literature) our Lower Level is home to a variety of special collections. Today Ear to the Community is launching a series of posts to shine a spotlight on some of them.

First up: Book Club shelves

Do you ever come to the library to find a good book to read and then feel overwhelmed by too many choices as you roam the stacks? Of course, we have displays of recommended titles, Readers’ Advisors who are happy to help you, and even an online form you can complete to get personalized suggestions. We also offer lists of current staff favorite fiction, mystery and nonfiction books. But there is another great option you may not know about. To take advantage of it, you just have to be adventurous enough to take the stairs or elevator to our Lower Level.

Cook Memorial supports 140 book clubs. Clubs that register with us submit lists of the titles they wish to discuss and we provide copies for their members to borrow. We own multiple-copy sets of many of the most popular titles. All of these books that are not currently in use by clubs are available for anyone to check out. This assortment of enjoyable and worthwhile books is small enough for easy browsing yet varied enough to appeal to many tastes. Come on down and check out what's on the Book Club shelves!

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