New Catalog Features

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Two very welcome features have just been added to our online catalog! For some time you have been able to check out eBooks from the 3M Cloud Library directly from our catalog entries. Now, thanks to a recent upgrade, you can also see real-time availability, view samples, place holds, and check out materials from Overdrive (MyMediaMall) all without leaving the catalog.

The second innovation is a “virtual shelf” view. You can bring up the detailed record of an item, click on its Call Number and see the covers of other items from the same shelf. If the item is a novel, you can see what else by its author is in our collection. If it is a nonfiction title, you will see what else we have on the same or closely related topics. Clicking on the cover image of an item on the virtual shelf will bring up the record for that item, so you can see whether it is currently available and place a hold if you’d like.



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