Electronic Information Network & Computer Systems- Rules and Procedures


The following rules and procedures apply to everyone using the library including people living outside the District. They have been developed to implement the policy of the Board of Library Trustees entitled Electronic Information Networks and Computer Systems Use.

    • The Library provides filters on all public Internet stations. Filters are activated by codes on library cards of patrons under 18 years of age. Parents will be given the option of specifying unfiltered access for their minor children. Filtering software has been installed and is set to block nudity, sex, racism and hate content as well as games and chat rooms. Additional information about the filter is available at the Reference Desk.
    • In order to give assurance of privacy, access to the browser’s history files is disabled.
    • A copy of the “Statement of Acceptable Use for Electronic Information Networks” is displayed at the start of each computer session.
    • Adult library cards (ages 18 and up) default to unfiltered Internet access. All children’s/students’ library cards default to filtered Internet access. Patrons may request default changes at the Circulation Desk. Parents who wish to instruct the Library to provide unfiltered Internet access to their children under eighteen must do so in writing. For details, see a staff member at the Circulation Desk.
    • The Library cannot guarantee that filtering will protect every Internet user from being offended by what is displayed at Internet stations. Furthermore, the Library cannot guarantee that filtering software will not block information that a patron might expect to find on the Internet.
    • All children wishing to use the Internet must log-in at a computer station in the Children’s Department.
    • Patrons using the unfiltered stations may be asked to show identification affirming that they are 18 years of age or older.

Adopted: 2/15/00

Revised: 3/21/00

Revised: 7/15/03

Revised: 4/11/06

Revised: 3/20/07

Revised: 11/19/13