Records of the Secretary

Article I Responsibility.

The responsibility for the records of the Secretary rests ultimately with the Secretary. The Secretary alone is authorized to receive official correspondence and reports and to certify as to the correctness of a copy of any Library document. The Library Director is responsible to the Secretary for proper storage of the Secretary's records, for making routine filings of certified copies of Library documents, for destroying Library documents according to appropriate regulations and established routine, for preparing the Secretary's Audit, for arranging for periodic review of the Library records by the Library attorney and for other duties as assigned by the Secretary. (75 ILCS 16/30-45 (g))

Article II Board Minutes.

The minutes of each Board meeting shall contain:

    1. the name of the Library Board
    2. the time, date and place of the meeting
    3. the kind of meeting whether regular, adjourned, etc.
    4. the names of the trustees present and absent and the presence of other persons taking part in the meeting
    5. the fact that the regular President and Secretary were present or the names of their substitutes
    6. points of order and their disposition
    7. the text of all motions, the names of the Trustees making and seconding the motions and record of any votes taken
    8. a summary of all matters proposed, deliberated or decided
    9. the time of adjournment

The President and Secretary for the meeting shall sign the minutes for that meeting. Minutes of the previous meeting shall be corrected by pen and ink and initialed by the Secretary for the meeting for which the correction is made. The minutes shall be bound together in the Minute Book and stored in a fire-proof safe in the Library. (Roberts Rules of Order) To the extent required by law, a copy of the minutes shall be available for public inspection at the reference desk. (Roberts Rules of Order) (5ILCS 16/40/et seq)

Article III Ordinances.

“Ordinance” means an enactment, adopted by the Board, that applies to the public generally and that implements, applies, or prescribes conduct, imposes a tax, imposes a fee or fine, or assesses a penalty or that otherwise affects the rights of the public concerning the use or operation of the Library.

The number of Trustees voting "aye," "nay" and "abstain" and the name of Trustees absent are recorded in the minutes and on the ordinance. Ordinances passed by the Board shall be numbered consecutively for each fiscal year (ie. 1973/74-1). A certified copy of all ordinances adopted by the Board shall be posted for fourteen working days in the Library. Ordinances shall be posted or published, if so required, within three days after enactment, and shall be effective on the day and date of such posting and publication. The original of each ordinance shall be signed by the President and the Secretary for the meeting during which it was enacted. The original shall be filed in a fire-proof safe in the Library. A certified copy of all ordinances shall be available for inspection at the Reference Desk. (75 ILCS 16/1-40)

Article IV Resolutions.

“Resolution” means a statement, adopted by the Board that establishes library policy and internal procedures for the governance of the Library.

Resolutions shall be enacted, numbered, retained and made available in the same manner as are ordinances. The original of each resolution shall be stored with the ordinances in the safe.

Article V By-Laws, Policies and Procedures.

By-laws, policies and procedures adopted by the Board and in force are a part of the Secretary's records. Obsolete by-laws, policies and procedures are retained. The motion and subsequent action adopting or revising by-laws, policies and procedures shall be recorded in the Board minutes. The original and complete text of current by-laws, policies and procedures shall be dated with the date of the Board meeting during which it was adopted or revised, signed by the Secretary and stored in a fire-proof safe in the Library. A copy of all of these documents will be available for at the Reference Desk.

Article VI Miscellaneous Records.

The Secretary shall maintain records of all written matter affecting the operation of the District. These shall include:

A. a copy of reports required by law including:

      • report to the State Librarian
      • report to the Comptroller of the State of Illinois
      • report of receipts and disbursements including a receipt of filing with the County Clerk

     audit reports including:

      • Professional Treasurer's Audit
      • Secretary's Audit Committee Report

 B. reports to the Board as directed by the President

C. election, appointment and resignation records

D. contracts entered into by the Board

E. official correspondence directed to the Board or written by the Secretary

F. publisher's certificates for legal notices required by law

G. meeting and hearing notices (75 ILCS 16/1-30 (d))

Documents thus received shall be stamped with the date received and stored in the office of the Library Director. All miscellaneous records shall be retained for a period of seven years and then may be discarded selectively as permitted by law. Local Records Act (50 ILCS 205/1 et seq.)

Article VII Audit of the Secretary.

The records of the Secretary shall be audited at the end of each fiscal year by two other Trustees appointed by the President. The Audit of the Secretary shall examine the following:

    1. Minute Book
    2. Ordinances and resolutions
    3. By-Laws, Policies and Procedures Book

The audit report shall certify as to the accuracy of the records of the Secretary, their completeness and list the discrepancies, if any. The audit report shall be filed with the Secretary no later than ninety days after the end of the fiscal year. (75 ILCS 16/30-65(d)

Article VIII

Unless otherwise noted in this policy, the records of the Secretary are retained permanently. All records of the Secretary except those dealing with subjects enumerated in the section of the By-Laws entitled "Executive Session" are available for public inspection at the Reference Desk upon request. Minutes of executive sessions shall be reviewed at least semi-annually for determination as to whether they may be open to public inspection or if the need still remains for their confidentiality.

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