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On January 13, the Evergreen Interim Branch Library opened in the basement of the Vernon Hills Village Hall.  The 3,000 square-feet facility was stocked with 33,750 books, audiovisual items, and seven computers.  The materials were obtained from the library’s storage facility as well as double copies of books found at the main library.  After a stricter policy against out-of-district patrons was implemented by Vernon Area Library in 2002, Evergreen came as a refreshing option for Vernon Hills residents.  Patrons were encouraged to request any material from the main Cook Library to be delivered to the Evergreen branch the same day.  Though the facility was not a permanent solution, it was an appreciated solution to the space crunch.90

A new bookmobile was purchased using generous donations from the late Ruth and Louis Schumm.  Their donation was $150,000 in cash.  Together with $10,000 from The Friends and $15,000 from the board, the vehicle was obtained.91

Honoring a Volunteer
Marlene Gregory, a volunteer for over 16 years in the outreach department, delivered more than literature to patrons.  Though her efforts dropping off materials at nursing homes were honorable, it was her experiences with homebound patrons that made her outstanding.  She spent over an hour with some residents “to take time to talk to those who are often alone”.  Just one of the many extraordinary members of the library! 75


New restrictions on computers limited paper waste.  Patrons were required to sign in too computers and were allotted 15 minutes of usage.  To print a document, an automatic 10-cent fee was charged to the patron’s card.93

Starting September 1, 2004, Wi-Fi became available at the main library and the branch in Vernon Hills at a cost of $4000.  76