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1000 Books Before Kindergarten


Children begin developing reading skills at birth. 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten promotes the development of early literacy skills with the goal of having 1,000 books read before your child starts kindergarten.

Set goals, track books and earn prizes along with way with your child, age birth to the start of kindergarten. Questions? Contact us.

How the Program Works

1. Sign up!

2. Read together!

3. Keep track using the reading sheets (see below) by coloring or circling a number for each book you read. Don’t forget to include any books read to your child more than once, books read at a storytime, at daycare or by others.

4. During our current closure, we recommend you print the log sheets and save them until you can come in again. Once you are able to come in, bring your sheets to the library to receive a special sticker and a small rubber duckie for each 100 books read.

After reading 500 books you will receive a tote bag. And when you complete the program by reading 1,000 books your child will receive:

  • a free book of their choice.
  • a certificate of completion.
  • an awesome jumpstart on success in school!

Reading Sheets

100 | 200 | 300 | 400 | 500 | 600 | 700 | 800 | 900 | 1000


  • How can we read 1000 books before kindergarten? If you read three books a day to your child, in just one year you’ll have read 1,095 books! And, you have several years to complete the program.
  • Help! I don’t know which books to read! The children’s librarians will gladly help you pick some books. Contact a Children’s Librarian.
  • What if my child wants to read the same book over and over? Repetition is key to learning. Each time you read a book, it counts. If you read the same book 100 times, it counts 100 times!
  • Do I have to read books from the library? You can read books from anywhere, not just library books.
  • Can I log the books my child hears in storytime? Yes! And every book your child hears counts for this program.


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