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Electronic Participation in Board Committee Meetings

Article I. Electronic Participation.

In accordance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120), the Cook Memorial Public Library District (“Library”) may utilize remote participation in Board/Board Committee meetings to conduct library business under the following circumstances:

    1. A quorum of the applicable board or committee must be physically present at the meeting location; and
    2. A member wishing to attend by video or audio conference call must give advance notice to the applicable recording secretary of the board or committee unless advance notice is impractical; and
    3. A majority of the applicable board or committee must vote to allow a member to attend by video or audio conference call; and
    4. A member may request to attend by video or audio conference call only if the member is prevented from physically attending because of:
      1. personal illness or disability;
      2. employment purposes or the business of the Library;
      3. a family or other emergency.

All Board members attending meetings in person or by electronic participation are entitled to vote. The Secretary or Secretary Pro-Tem will record in its minutes all Board members who are connecting electronically.

Article II. Meeting Location.

  1. The meeting location shall be equipped with a suitable speakerphone or other automated system in order that the public audience, attending Board members, and staff or guests will be able to hear and/or see any input vote or discussion.
  2. This policy shall not be construed to mean that electronic participation will be used regularly but that it may be used as necessary to allow the participation of Board members.
  3. The meeting minutes shall indicate those Board members who attend by electronic connection.


Adopted: 09/21/04

Revised: 11/12/06

Revised: 03/20/07

Revised: 01/15/13

Reviewed: 04/18/17

Reviewed: 12/09/20