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Book Clubs

At The Library

No registration required. Anyone who has read the book is welcome to join.

All book clubs currently meet virtually.

Contact the Adult Services Desk at 847-362-2330, ext. 1302, to reserve copies of our monthly selections.

Second Wednesday of the month.


Meets virtually.

Led by Jo Hansen

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Fourth Wednesday of the month.


Led by Marianne Charles

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Selections from a broad range of subjects. Explore a breadth of acclaimed nonfiction works.

First Friday of the month


Led by Haley Samuelson

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First Monday every other month, starting in September.


Led by Karen Varga

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Third Tuesday every other month.


Led by Andrea Larson.

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Third Tuesday every other month.


Led by Andrea Larson

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A small group of English language learners who enjoy reading and talking about books.

REMEFRITA stands for REading, MEeting FRIends, TAlking.

For more information, contact Trish Compton at or call (847)362-2330 x1139.

Fourth Monday of the month.


Led by Erica O'Rourke

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First Tuesday of the month.


Led by Becky King and Lindsay Barber-Peddycoart

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Local Book Clubs

We provide book-lending services to over 100 active book clubs. Let us help you start your own!

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Please note: Titles listed with due dates in our catalog may still be available for book club use. To inquire about specific titles, please contact Book Club Coordinator Marianne Charles:

Further questions: Call the Adult Services Desk 847-362-2330 x1302.


Discussion Guides

View discussion guides for some of our most popular book club titles.


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