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Becky King

Becky King holding popcorn bucket and drink in front of Casablanca poster

Thank goodness I work in a library! As an avid book lover, Broadway geek and movie fan – I’m never at a loss for things to keep me entertained. I’ll read just about anything put in front of me, but I most often pick up psychological suspense tales and thrillers — the darker and more twisted, the better! I’m not sure why I gravitate toward the dark side –but I love the fact that I can experience all those chills and thrills from the safety and comfort of my favorite chair. I also have a soft spot for historical fiction, legal thrillers, historical nonfiction, and memoirs of all shapes and sizes.


I listen to as many books as I read and I am a huge movie fan, which makes my job of buying the library’s collection of audiobooks and movies a perfect fit for me. I’m always on the lookout for lesser known films or a great new series, and I love sharing information about interesting things to watch. If you’re looking for something new to read, listen to, or watch – be sure to send me a note!


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