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Heather Beverley

Heather Beverley reading a book with a cup of coffee

I’m a bit of a walking cliche: a librarian who is an avid book lover! When not at work surrounded by books and helping people find just the right book, I’m at home, surrounded by my own collection of books and looking for more to add to my collection!


I’ve been known to plan vacations around amazing bookstores I’ve read about, or interesting literary events I’ve heard about. My husband and I once drove up to Minnesota at the spur of the moment because we heard Stephen King was doing an event for MPR!


I love finding rare and unusual books- from Harry Potter written in Latin to a housekeeping guide in lovely condition from 1860. When not on the hunt for unusual books, I’m a bit of a geek with a fondness for Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, the number 42, graphic novels, and anime.


When it comes to reading, I read a bit of everything, but have a particular fondness for a good fantasy story, epic dystopian tales, both graphic novels and manga, and I absolutely love reading teen and youth novels of all genres.

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