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Karen Varga

I first discovered my passion for reading when I picked up a copy of The Elfstones of Shannara from a school library display.  My love of fantasy grew with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Frequently when I was stuck with a group of adults for an extended period of time, I would place my brain in Tolkien’s Middle Earth with Aragorn, and make up a story.  I also loved Gone With the Wind, and devoured gothic romances.  


These days, although sci-fi, mystery, and paranormal fiction are my candy books, I try to maintain a varied book diet.  I add a little historical fiction, some contemporary fiction, an occasional classic, and some non-fiction.  I worked as a high school librarian for over a decade, so I also have a pretty good knowledge of popular young adult fiction.


For indoor entertainment, in addition to reading, I enjoy watching thriller/horror movies, doing puzzles, and playing board/card games with my family.  When I can get outside, I love to hike and bike.  I also love traveling and visiting new locations whenever possible.


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