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Movies We Won’t Admit We Haven’t Seen

But we’re admitting them now….

Some movies are just classics—cultural icons that EVERYONE has seen. These are the movies that bring shame and shock when you have to admit in public that you haven’t seen them. Those of us working at the library aren’t exempt from having missed watching some iconic films.687883034_4329839866001_back-to-the-future--1-

I’ve never seen the classic Back to the Future (or any of the sequels). A few years ago,  my mom found out that I hadn’t seen it and now jokingly (or maybe seriously) considers that to be her greatest parenting failure.

I asked several regular bloggers and other librarians what movies they wouldn’t willingly admit to having not seen, and this is what they said:

Sonia: Mine is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I don’t know why I never saw them; just didn’t get around to it, I guess!

Mark: I’ve never seen The Big Lebowski, which has been recommended to me by many friends and loved ones. Have nothing against it, even know that The Dude Abides. Just never got around to it. I also have never seen Gone with the Wind. Can’t get over the middle school boy impression that it will be too boring.

ferris-buellers-day-off-2Ellen B.: Now, don’t laugh but I haven’t seen Ferris Buehler’s Day Off.  Funny thing, somebody was giving me a hard time about that JUST last week so I put the movie on hold and it’s currently awaiting pickup. With a little luck, I WILL have seen the movie by this weekend. Now as for why I never saw it?  I really don’t know but what I can tell you is when I mention that I’ve never seen the movie I’m usually met with a jaw drop and very wide eyes.

Lindsay: I’ve never seen Gone with the WindIt’s just never been something that I thought I would enjoy so I’ve never gone out of my way to watch it. Sorry, everybody else on earth.

Andrea: A Clockwork Orange — too weird for my taste
2001: A Space Odyssey — ditto
There’s Something About Mary — not my kind of humor
Alien — I’m a wimp when it comes to horror moviesFootloose-Main-Review

Haley: This child of the 80s never saw Footloose (original or reboot). I really don’t  have a reason, just never have. I have scandalized many a Kevin Bacon fan with the omission of this classic.

Becky K.: Frozen —  Let me start out by saying that I actually have a perfectly good excuse for not having seen this movie: I no longer have any small children at home. That said, my shame still runs deep.  A lot of my own happiest childhood memories revolve around Walt Disney movies and musicals. Combine the two, and I’m in heaven (Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks anyone?). Why I haven’t yet seen this modern Disney musical is beyond me. From what I hear from Frozen aficionados, this film was tailor-made for me! I even have the theme song memorized, having heard it on the radio for monfrozenths on end after the movie was released. Another confession: I actually own the DVD, which was a gift from a good friend. So why haven’t I watched it yet? Maybe I’m just afraid it won’t live up to the hype, and will crush my childlike love of Disney musicals. Whatever the reason, I’m begging a certain colleague of mine, who shall remain nameless, to stop asking me if I’ve watched it yet. Every time I see her. It’s a form of public shaming, and it works!

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