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Setting Up Your Library Account

To set up your library account password:


Leave the password field blank and click LOGIN.


You will be prompted to enter a new password.

If you are not prompted to create a password it means you already have a password. Click Forgot your Password? to reset your password or contact the library for assistance (847)362-2330.


Type in the password you would like to use. Re-type the password into the second box.

Click LOGIN again. This will set your password to the one you just created and take you into your library account.


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Password Restrictions

  • Passwords may be from 2-30 characters long
  • Passwords are not case-sensitive.  
  • Passwords should not use special characters (e.g. punctuation).
  • Passwords must not contain common trivial patterns. For example:
    • A character that is consecutively repeated three or more times (e.g., aaaa, ababa, bbbb).
    • A set of up to four characters is that is consecutively repeated two or more times (for example, abab, abcabc, abcdabcd)