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“Bet” on a good suggestion!

Meet the Bookies, a team of staff members who are passionate about books, movies, and music. We read, watch and listen to all kinds of things, and we’re always talking about new releases, either in-person or online through reviews and podcasts. We love sharing our latest discoveries with you!

If you’re looking for something good to read, fill out our online Find Your Next Good Book form. We’ll create a personalized reading list just for you. Or stop by and talk to us in the library. We look forward to hearing from you!

Andrea Larson

Mysteries, Fantasy Fiction, Women’s Fiction, British TV Series, Classical Music

Becky King

Movies, Mysteries and Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Memoirs

Ellen Jennings

Historical Fiction, Mysteries and Thrillers, Literary Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Science Fiction

Heather Beverley

Fantasy, Epic Dystopian Tales, Graphic Novels and Manga, Teen and Youth Novels

Jo Hansen

Mysteries and Suspense, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Lindsay Barber-Peddycoart

Comics and Graphic Novels, Horror Stories, Weird Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Literary Fiction

Nate Gass

Movies, Literary Fiction, Comics, Theology, US History, Podcasts

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self life blog

Andrea Larson | alarson@cooklib.org

Read my blog posts on Shelf Life here.

I’ve been devouring books ever since I was a kid, when school vacations meant trips to the library and piles and piles of fiction. I got the reading bug from my dad, who in his retirement exhausted our local library’s mystery collection and had to start visiting a different branch!

I read a little bit of everything (except horror – I’m a wimp), but my favorite genres would have to be mystery, fantasy, and women’s fiction. I also love British TV series, classical music, and anything Star Wars. I also manage the library’s book club collection, so if you’re looking for a good title for your club to read, please ask!

Becky King  | bking@cooklib.org

Read my blog posts on Shelf Life Here.

You can find adult services librarian Becky K. at both the Cook Park and Aspen Drive Library locations.  She buys all of the movies, music and audiobooks for the library.  She is a huge movie fan, loves reading mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction and memoirs, and is currently addicted to the TV series Designated Survivor.

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Ellen Jennings | ejennings@cooklib.org

Read my blog posts on Shelf Life here.

I grew up in a family of voracious readers and the library was my second home. Photos from summer vacations show us reading in lawn chairs all across the US. With the advent of audiobooks, today I can even read while driving, exercising and cleaning! I love all kinds of fiction: historical, mystery, thriller, literary, young adult and science fiction and I usually have 2 or 3 books going at a time. I enjoy learning about people and the past via nonfiction. I prefer books with vivid characterization and excellent writing. When not reading, I love to talk about books, so stop by the Popular Services desk and let’s chat!


Heather Beverley | hbeverley@cooklib.org

I’m a bit of a walking cliche: a librarian who is an avid book lover! When not at work surrounded by books and helping people find just the right book, I’m at home, surrounded by my own collection of books and looking for more to add to my collection! I’ve been known to plan vacations around amazing bookstores I’ve read about, or interesting literary events I’ve heard about. My husband and I once drove up to Minnesota at the spur of the moment because we heard Stephen King was doing an event for MPR! I love finding rare and unusual books- from Harry Potter written in Latin to a housekeeping guide in lovely condition from 1860. When not on the hunt for unusual books, I’m a bit of a geek with a fondness for Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, the number 42, graphic novels, and anime. When it comes to reading, I read a bit of everything, but have a particular fondness for a good fantasy story, epic dystopian tales, both graphic novels and manga, and I absolutely love reading teen and youth novels of all genres.

Jo Hansen | jhansen@cooklib.org

Read my blog posts on Shelf Life here.

I grew up in a small Wisconsin town and discovered the magic of books at a young age. We had no computers back then and only two television channels, so when I was bored, I went to the library. I channeled my interest in other people’s stories during the 20 years I worked as a newspaper journalist. I have worked at Cook Library for nine years and love my job. I get great satisfaction helping a patron find his or her next good book.

Lindsay Barber-Peddycoart | lbarber-peddycoart@cooklib.org

Read my blog posts on Shelf Life here.

I am the digital services librarian, which makes me sound more techy than I am. I like to peruse lots of DIY books but then not DI. I write a little, read a lot and am currently learning to garden and fix up my house. 

I like to read comics and graphic novels, horror stories, weird fiction, science fiction and fantasy, "literary" fiction, and lots of other stuff. If you're looking for a slightly darker reading recommendation, just ask!

Nate Gass | ngass@cooklib.org

Read my blog posts on Shelf Life here.

I’ll read just about anything that strikes my curiosity, which means I jump around a lot. At any given moment I’ll have an audiobook going in the car (usually historical nonfiction), comic book for my lunch break, essay or short story collection on an e-reader, old classic I’m catching up on, and something lighter recommended by a co-worker. With so many books going at the same time it can take me a while to actually complete one, but having the variety is worth it.

I also love music and film- so much in fact that I obsessively collect vinyl records and co-host a film podcast where I bicker with a long-time friend about our tastes in movies.

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