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The Cook Memorial Public Library District proudly serves 61,000 residents in central Lake County, covering most of Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Green Oaks, Indian Creek, and Mettawa — as well as portions of Mundelein, and adjacent unincorporated neighborhoods. View district map.


Whether at the Cook Park Library in Libertyville, Aspen Drive Library in Vernon Hills, the Bookmobile, or online, the Board of Trustees and our dedicated team strive to promote and protect these important values:

white icon on blue background of an open book with a brainEducation & Lifelong Learning

Supporting you at every stage of your life through dedicated personal service and enriching collections and programming.


white icon on a blue background of three people of equitable heightsService & Inclusion

Creating a welcoming environment where you are valued and respected.


white icon on a blue background of a library building with a book insidePrivacy & Confidentiality

Safeguarding your personal information and library usage data.


white icon on a blue background of three people and one has a shining star above the headIntellectual Freedom & Viewpoint Diversity

Creating a strong foundation for your personal growth by providing access to ideas and information from a variety of authors and perspectives.


By promoting and protecting these values, we provide access to a vast array of services, programs, and materials that educate, enrich, and inspire.


New to the library? Take a look at our welcome brochure to learn more, or get a library card.


headshot of library director david archer—David Archer, Library Director


Through dedicated personal service, we connect our diverse community to resources and experiences that educate, enrich, and inspire.

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2023–2026 Strategic Plan

Our new, four-year Strategic Plan was created after reviewing the valuable feedback from over 1,700 individual community members, businesses, and other community groups. This plan is essentially the roadmap that will help us on the way to providing innovative services and engaging collections to meet or exceed your needs, wants, and expectations of the Library. Over the next few years, we will move forward purposefully with a focus on four goals:


  • Goal 1: Be a force for community engagement opportunities.

  • Goal 2: Re-establish the library as a community destination.

  • Goal 3: Build community around technology.

  • Goal 4: Strengthen how the library tells its story.


View the Strategic Plan