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Digital Discoveries – February


Do It Yourself Magazine – Zinio

This is only a quarterly magazine, so it feels like a real treat every time a new issue comes out. I like to set aside time for it and I read it with a cup of tea while I daydream about all sorts of craft projects that I most likely will not get around to doing. However, I usually do walk away from that dreaming session with a couple of concrete plans, even if they’re minor. This quarter’s crafts include lots of crafts with clay, making a decorative frame for you wall-mounted TV, party decorations and a whole section on sprucing up outdoor furniture (one can start dreaming of warmer weather even in February, right?).


Good Dogs Mobile Game

I don’t quite know  how to explain the Dog Rates Twitter account except that it’s a joke Twitter account that is also the most earnest and sincere cute-dog Twitter account out there. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Regardless, this fun/cute Twitter account created a game for your smartphone (iOS and Android). A simple runner, you guide a running dog past walkers, trees and jump over rivers. You collect bones to unlock crates which gives you prizes (more dogs, hats for your dogs, and others). It’s cute and simple and makes for a wonderful 5 minute break. It’s maybe not the next Pokemon Go! but it’s definitely fun.

Grove/Atlantic on Hoopla

Hoopla recently worked out a deal to provide their ebooks to libraries. This small press includes many popular authors and lesser-known authors. Adding this publisher really broadens the types of books that are available without any wait list. Some authors and/or titles you might want to checkout:


The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman

A delightful fantasy series about a librarian who goes to alternate worlds to gather books which gives The Library (yes, capital T and L) doors into those worlds and helps stabilize those worlds. Irene, the main librarian who we follow throughout the tales, is a junior librarian who sometimes gets in slightly over her head. Her adventures along with her student trainee Kai (who may or may not be quite human) brings her into contact with the Fae (magical creatures who seek out chaos and lead lives that follow narrative archetypes), dragons (who seek to create order) and even more terrifying creatures (a former librarian might not sound terrifying, but in Irene’s world it definitely is). It’s fun, fast-paced and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to really escape into a book. The series is available digitally through cloudLibrary, OverDrive or search the library catalog.

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