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Erica’s Pick Of The Week: The Last Day of Emily Lindsey

AuthorNicJosephMonitorDetective Steven Paul is barely keeping it together. His marriage has crumbled, his superiors are questioning his fitness for duty, and his childhood nightmare – a grim prison, a horrific stench, and a cryptic symbol – continues to haunt him, both asleep and awake. So when scandal-chasing blogger Emily Lindsey is found catatonic and covered in blood, holding a knife, Steven thinks it’s a chance to prove himself and get his life back on track.

That is, until Emily draws the symbol from his dream, over and over again.

As Steven races to solve a murder without a victim — and uncover the mystery of Emily’s last day — he must also unravel the secrets of his own mysterious past

The Last Day of Emily Lindsey, by Nic Joseph, is a twisty and tightly plotted mystery, anchored by a good man struggling to make sense of a baffling situation. The story unfolds along two timelines: THEN and NOW. Trying to figure out how the timelines intersect is one of the most challenging – and pleasurable – parts of the story. Not a single detail is wasted; even seemingly insignificant lines are later revealed as vital clues. And while seemingly every suspense novel these days promises a shocking twist, Joseph actually pulls it off, delivering a climax jam-packed with revelations and carefully-laid connections. She also does a great job of creating a tense, ominous atmosphere without being overly gory. (A fact I very much appreciated, since I am not a fan of gratuitous violence.)

If you’re looking for a fast, compelling read with a detective you’ll want to see more of, check out The Last Day of Emily Lindsey. Even better, join us at 7pm this Thursday, October 19th, at Aspen Drive Library. Author Nic Joseph will be joining us to talk about Emily — it’s a great chance to get the story behind the story! Click here to register.

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