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Hunger Games Craving

The-HUnger-Games-Movie-LogoThe final movie in the Hunger Games saga – Mockingjay Part 2 opens in theaters next week. The Hunger Games is a bestselling book series with blockbuster movies to match. If you’ve read all the books and seen the movies and still need something to cure your craving try one of these similar books:

proxyProxy by Alex London

This is one of my favorite dystopian novels that has been published in the past few years. It has a very interesting view on economics and debt. Knox is a patron. He has grown up in Upper City with more money than he could ever spend and has never had to pay for his wrongdoings. Syd is a proxy – Knox’s proxy. Syd is a poor orphan who was put into significant debt by the system, which allows him to go to school in the worst part of Mountain City – The Valve. Anytime Knox misbehaves Syd receives the punishment. This is the system that holds up society. Until Knox’s carelessness results in homicide and Syd must pay the price, setting off a tumultuous race for freedom.ship breaker

Ship breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi
Teenage Nailer works dismantling oil rigs to scavenge for parts in a futuristic New Orleans.  He finds a clipper ship beached by a hurricane with a girl caught in the wreckage. Nailer must choose whether to scavenge the ship for wealth or save the girl.

img-the-line-book-coverThe Line by Teri Hall

Rachel and her mother move to live with Mrs. Moore, who lives right next to the line. They should never cross the line. But living this close to the unknown forbidden territory has Rachel asking questions. When the opportunity to cross the line presents itself to Rachel she is intrigued by the possibilities, and terrified of the unknown.

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