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Indie Author Day

This past Saturday, October 8th, was the First Annual National Indie Author Day. Libraries and authors across the nation celebrated the Indie movement. At Cook Memorial Public Library we hosted a viewing of the Indie Author Day Live Panel, and a short discussion where Local Indie Authors were able to network and share tips. Professionals from across the publishing industry were able to come together in the live panel and discuss their experience and give advice for people of all levels in the indie publishingprocess.

indie-author-day-buffalo-ny-730x492Some of my favorite advice from the panel was:

  • Identify your goal. Each time you setout to do something in this process set a goal and align  your expectations. What is your goal in writing? Publishing? Getting your book into a library?
  • The first most important thing is to write a great book, but it is followed by many other important things such as publishing, marketing, etc.
  • When you are indie publishing a book you are not competing against other indie authors, but traditionally published books, music, and movies. Your book needs to be as professional as possible on every level, writing, formatting cover, etc.
  • Get involved and active on social media, but not just mainstream social media like Facebook and Instagram, but also Wattpad and BookBub. Though, it is important to remember that social media should be social, and not constant book spam.
  • You can publish a book for free, but you shouldn’t. Invest in copy editing, formatting, a great cover, etc. View these things as an investment.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; view the panel yourself. Or check out a book by one of our Local Authors

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