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Karen’s Pick of the Week: The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling

The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling, the steamy follow-up to The Ex Hex, is the perfect read before Halloween if you like funny, witchy romances! 

Both Sterling novels are set in the quaint Georgia town of Graves Glen, known for its incredible Founders Day, aka Halloween, celebrations and Penhaven College.  What most of the townspeople don’t know is that Graves Glen, founded one hundred years ago by Gryffud Penhallow, sits in a spot where the veil is week and the magic is strong.   The college teaches classes in the arcane arts.  The Penhallow’s still visit from Wales on occasion, and two of these visits are the sparks that ignite the action in both novels.

In The Ex Hex, Rhys Penhallow returns to Graves Glen to strengthen the ley lines and finds that his ex-girlfriend Vivi Jones, despite being forewarned never to mix vodka and witchcraft, placed a curse on him nine years ago.  Now that he has returned everything is going crazy. He is almost killed, plastic toys are coming alive, animals are talking, and a ghost has taken over the college library.  Rhys and Vivi are forced to team up, and despite their prior feud and all the chaos, just can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other.

Erin Sterling

In The Kiss Curse, Wells Penhallow returns to Graves Glen and opens a magic shop across the street from Gwyn Jones’ shop, Something Wicked.  She didn’t like him to begin with, now he’s stealing her customers. The comical competition has begun, but when an argument over selling enchanted crystals somehow turns into a magical kiss, it becomes crystal clear that opposites attract.  When alumni Morgan Howell invites both Gwyn and Wells to a reunion party, they both experience a strong dark magic vibe and shortly after Gwyn discovers she is losing her powers.   Gwyn and Wells decide to team up to prevent a town catastrophy.

Both Graves Glen novels are engaging and fast paced, filled with endearing characters, good clean fun, and hot romance.  Pick up one, or both of these books for an October read, especially if you enjoyed The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston or Not Your Average Hot Guy by Katie MacAlister.

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