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Marianne’s Pick of the Week: All the Colors of the Dark by Chris Whitaker


There are times when a book can just hit you hard. Do you know what I mean? In All the Colors of the Dark, the newest by Chris Whitaker, I got an emotional roller coaster.  

We have childhood best friends, Patch and Saint, outcasts for to be sure, but they need no one else. Our tale (and spoiler warning this is an epic book – 600 plus pages) begins with Patch rescuing his crush Misty from abduction only to end up kidnapped himself. As the case grows colder Saint becomes increasingly obsessed with finding her friend. Patch is living in total darkness with Grace, another young captive, who shares her knowledge of a wide range of topics from ballet and classical music to colors and nature with Patch who uses his imagination to feel the colors in the dark. Through a shift in circumstances (some initiated by Saint), Patch is rescued. He attempts to move forward with life while searching for Grace, who everyone tries to convince him is dead.   

We follow Saint and Patch as they grow up, through their ups and many more downs. Patch uses art to process his trauma and becomes a well-known artist. But in his anger, he also makes some truly terrible decisions that result in prison time. Saint becomes a well-respected law enforcement officer. They have serious relationships (with others), but somehow remain each other’s true love.  

Technically, this book is a thriller/mystery. However, I believe that at heart it is a love story, not of romantic love, but of love that means standing by your friend in good times and bad; seeing that person for all they are and loving them regardless. We follow Patch and Saint on through the good and tough times while they chase a serial killer.  

Whitaker presents us with an epic tale, sweeping in scope (this saga spans 25 years) and length. I warned you this is a long book, but the chapters are short with some a mere two to three pages. The language is honest and authentic; the supporting players colorful and intriguing (especially Saint’s bus driver grandmother and the town sheriff). We root for these characters. I was INVESTED in their stories. I laughed, cried, and sometimes shook my head at their actions. Read this one if you like books of psychological suspense like Paula Hawkins, Into the Water or Lisa Jewell’s Then She was Gone 


Image of Chris Whitaker
Photo by: David Calvert

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