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Modern Day Letters

Something about books not written in typical book format gets me excited and super engaged. A few years back when novels in verse were all the rage, I read every one I could get my hands on, and I still love them. This past year there have been some really fun document-focused books released. Document written books are like the modern day version of books written in letters, they contain text conversations, instant messages, emails, blog posts and more. To me they add a whole new element to reading that feels a little like snooping or facebook stalking in the best possible way. Also, because of the format even huge books fly by – an instant message conversation takes up way less space on the page than normal prose! If you are interested in trying out a new kind of book or can’t get enough of document written books try one of these!

Illuminae and its sequel Gemina are teen science fiction books written by Jay Kristoffilluminae and Amie Kaufman. On a planet far way, one corporation has had an illegal mining colony for quite some time. Their rival BeiTech finds out about this colony and decides to blow up the colony. Illuminae tells the story of two teens who escape the illegal mining colony. The documents in this book go beyond the typical emails and instant messages and includes military reports, ship schematics and more – all redacted for civilian eyes!

boyMoving back to planet earth, The Boy is Back is the latest in Meg Cabot’s Boy series, all of which are entirely told in documents. Professional golfer Reed Stewart returns home after mangenay years when his elderly parents cause a stir in town setting him on a collision course with his high school ex Becky. This is a fun quick book that feels like reading a rom-com, perfect for when you just need to enjoy!

Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson tells the story of
two girls (Gena and Finn) who met online and become friends irl (in real life). They initially bond over their love of tv show and fandom, and their friendship continues to grow. Gena/Finn often feels like reading through tumblr – fan art included. This book is perfect for anyone who has made a friend online, or loves fandom.

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