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New Episode of NBR: New Year, New You!

The newest episode of Nonfiction Book Report is available on the Library’s YouTube Channel. This month Michelle and I talk about two Newish Noteworthy Nonfiction books to inspire your New Years’ Resolutions.

Michelle shared A pity party is still a party : a feel-good guide to feeling bad by Chelsea Harvey Garner. Shunning the standard, “look on the bright side,” Garner encourages readers to enjoy the unenjoyable and support each other, especially when the ‘vibes’ aren’t great.  She believes that if we want to build a world where mental health is the norm, we have to lean into connection and count on each other, even–and perhaps especially–at our worst.

I highlighted The witching year : a memoir of earnest fumbling through modern witchcraft by Diana Helmuth. At 33, Helmuth puts aside her skepticism of organized and unorganized religion and embarks on a 366-day spiritual journey to see if witchcraft is real. What starts off as a “cute idea” morphs into something truly genuine as Helmuth begins to discover what spirituality means to her. If you’re not into witchcraft, perhaps Helmuth’s sticktoitiveness will inspire you to create new habits for 2024.

New episodes of NBR: Nonfiction Book Report will drop every second Friday of the month. January’s episode is an invitation for you to reflect on your goals for 2024. Tune into our next episode on Friday February 9th, when we’ll each share nonfiction books on the theme Black History.

You can find all episodes of Nonfiction Book Report on the Library’s YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe, like and share!


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