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Pick of the Week: Talking as Fast as I Can

I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I was easily one of my top two favorite shows growing up (don’t make me choose between Boy Meets World and Gilmore Girls!). I’ve been counting down the days to the Netflix reboot for months. My sister and I have a planned re-watch session over Christmas (neither of us could wait that long to watch it the first time). In addition, to the re-boot being released, Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai Gilmore, has released a new memoir – Talking as Fast as I can: from Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and everything in between.

Reading Talking as Fast as I Can feels much like having a conversation with Lorelai Gilmore,30253895 or at least so I would imagine. This style initially annoyed me, until I realized that really the charm and hook of the book is Graham’s (and by extension Lorelai’s) personable style. I mean, how many times do you get to sit down with one of your favorite actresses (or tv characters) and have them tell you their life story?!

My favorite parts of the book had to do with Gilmore Girls (duh!). Graham watches all of the original Gilmore Girls in one chapter and gives her highlights from each season. In another, Graham keeps a diary of sorts while filming the reboot with plenty of spoilers, but also fascinating insight. Don’t worry all of the spoilers to the new Gilmore Girls season are well-marked. I also really enjoyed reading Graham’s thoughts on Parenthood and dating Hollywood.

If you can’t get enough of Gilmore Girls, be sure to check out Talking as Fast as I Can: from Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and everything in between by Lauren Graham.

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