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Plot Twist

Plot twists are everywhere. I recently joked with a friend that I should write a story where the main character is guilty at the beginning, middle, and end, devoid of a twist – no one would be able to guess the ending! Given, not all great stories have unforeseen plot twists – Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed from the start.  I’ve gotten so used to the major twist in a story that I almost start to expect it. I love when I don’t see the twist coming, though – it is like a punch to the gut and changes everything you thought you knew within the story.   Here are some of my favorite items with crazy twists:


Gone Girl by Gillian FlynnGone Girl cover.jpg

Amy, the perfect wife, is gone. Could Nick, the husband, be to blame? Who is telling the truth and who is to blame?

This may be one of the more popular books known to have a plot line that weaves throughout the book. It isn’t until the very end that as a reader you are actually sure what is going on and who is, or is not telling the truth.  The movie (dvd or bluray) follows many plot twists from the book and offers another great way to get your fix.

We Weliarsre Liars by e. lockhart

The Liars, a group of four teens, have grown up together spending summers on their family island. Cady, one of the liars, returns their 17th summer struggling to remember the accident of their 15th summer.

This book is phenomenal story with a fun setting, and great writing. When I got to the point where the truth is revealed I literally had to stop reading for about a day to try to figure out everything before I could continue.  This book is shelved in young adult, but it is a story that packs a punch strong enough for any adult reader.the-other-tryon-261

The Other by Thomas Tryon

Holland and Niles are thirteen year old twins who couldn’t be more different. Following their father’s death, their mother’s grief gives them significant freedom to roam. This is a classic horror book that will leave you guessing.



In a world where you can build your own dreamscape, what happens when you attempt to put ideas into another person’s mind through dreams? What if your dreams seem more real than reality? Action, psychological thrills, and twists make this a great film. DVD or Bluray


After a lifetime of being an assassin, you are sent to the past so the past version of yourself can kill the future version of yourself. How would you handle this knowledge? This question and more are considered in this action-packed flick. DVD or Bluray


X by Ed Shxeeran

The album starts much like you would expect from Ed Sheeran with slower ballads, but midway through the album there are a few rap songs. On the first listen, this switch really threw me – I thought someone had changed the CD! It is a great mix to listen to, but definitely not what I’d expected initially.

Do you love or hate plot twists? What are some of your favorites?

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