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Reading Resolutions

Reading Resolutions

As the year winds down, I find myself doing a fair amount of reflection. What worked? What didn’t? What books did I read and love to itty bitty pieces?

(A few of my faves from this year…)

But I’m also pondering the future. What do I want to accomplish in 2018? My answer should probably be something about exercise or keeping up with the laundry, but neither of those things make me as happy as books do. Far better, then, to set goals I’ll enjoy keeping.

In 2018, I resolve to…

Challenge myself. When the world is feeling endlessly grim, it’s only natural to reach for a comfort read. But I also recognize the importance of reading widely. I want the time I spend with a book to entertain me — AND to give me a clearer, more empathetic view of the world. My first step, then, is to participate in Gene Luen Yang’s Reading Without Walls Challenge, which Andrea talked about earlier this year. It’s an excellent way to broaden my literary horizons. (Spoiler: You’ll be able to join me in this challenge very, very soon.)

Read more nonfiction. As I looked over my 2017 reading log, I’m ashamed of how few nonfiction titles I’ve read this year. We’re talking SINGLE DIGITS, people. Reading at least two nonfiction titles a month will give me a slightly more respectable number — and more importantly, deepen my understanding of the world.

Clear out my “To Be Read” shelf. I’m not talking about the pile on my nightstand, which is at least somewhat current, but the shelf in my living room crammed full of all the books I’ve been meaning to read for years: the award-winners, the doorstoppers, the classics. These are books that have been gathering dust since they entered my house, and I’m giving them one more chance. By next December, they’ll either have earned a place on my keeper shelf, or found a new home.

Do I NEED to accomplish any of these resolutions? Of course not. But I’ll certainly enjoy the attempt, which means that no matter how I do…I’ve already succeeded.

Are you setting any book-related goals this year? Are you aiming for a certain number of titles? Hoping to finish War and Peace? Tell us in the comments below, and we can cheer each other on in 2018!

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