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TryIt! Illinois

At our last Genealogy Networking Group, we explored some of the TryIt! Illinois databases. I should say, we attempted to explore the databases. We were unable to access some databases, most notable those databases produced by ProQuest. I intended to email the State Library the next time I came in to work, but you Cook Genealogists were too quick for me! One of our intrepid members, who will remain nameless, quickly got out an email and Gwen Harrison from the State Library emailed back with hopeful news: ProQuest was indeed participating in TryIt! Illinois but hadn’t yet gotten their computers configured (or something like that). By Saturday afternoon, when I tried again, the ProQuest databases were up and running. Hooray!

Here are some more important bits to know about TryIt! Illinois:

  • We have been asked not to post the login and password on archived websites. If you did not get the login and password from the meeting Thursday night, you may call the Cook Library reference desk (847-362-2330 x1302) and ask for them.
  • I am still having trouble accessing the MyHeritage/World Vital Records database, as well as some of the history databases. I have emailed Gwen Harrison back to let her know. Hopefully they all will become functional before too long.
  • The Sanborn Maps database includes other states besides Illinois. Click on “Browse to a location,” find your city, then click on “See all — atlases” to get to the Sanborn maps.
  • Important! When you click on a ProQuest database to try, you will be taken to a list of ALL the ProQuest databases. Take note: some of the databases will only be available through the month of October. Sanborn Maps is one of these.
  • TryIt! Illinois will give you access to some genealogy databases that Cook Library subscribes to but can only offer in the library. Use the TryIt! Illinois trial to use Ancestry Library Edition and NewspaperArchive at home.

Enjoy these databases while you can, and be sure to let the library know if there are some we should consider subscribing to, whether they are genealogy databases or not.

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