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Article I. Duties

Unless otherwise designated by law, The Secretary of the Board, serving as the Local Election Official, is responsible for those actions required of the District under the Election Code. (10 ILCS 5/1-1 et seq.) The Secretary:

  1. signs all documents and certifications
  2. administers oaths
  3. The Library Director and/or a designee approved by the Secretary acts as administrator for the election:
    • arranges for the drafting of all documents
    • receives all documents
  4. files and retains all documents and legal notices

Adopted:    9/20/76

Revised:    7/14/95

Revised:    1/20/98

Revised:    3/20/01

Revised:    12/16/03

Revised:      3/27/07

Reviewed:   1/15/13