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Policy on Policies

Article I: Objectives.

The objectives of the Policy on Policies are to:

  1. Establish policy with reference to the mission and goals of the Cook Memorial Public Library District (“Library”) in areas not covered by law which the Library Board (“Board”) considers to be of critical importance. Policy, thus established, is a guideline for Board activity and the administration of the Library.
  2. Amplify By-Laws for the convenience of the Board.
  3. Document the legal requirements that the Library must meet.

Article II: Method of Establishing Policies.

When a need becomes apparent for a written policy on a particular subject, the Board President may refer the task to the Policy Review Committee or appoint a committee for the specific purpose of writing said policy. The Library Director or attorney will draft a policy (with the assistance of the staff when appropriate) and submit it to the Committee for review and revision. The revised policy shall be reported out of Committee for further review and revision by the Board as a whole. Outside legal or technical advice may be required. Adoption of Policies shall be by majority affirmative vote of the Board present at a regular open meeting.

Article III: Form.

Each policy shall contain a series of numbered articles and sections setting forth the policy. Each policy shall be signed by the Secretary and dated with the date of the Board Meeting at which it was adopted or revised.

Article IV: Review and Revision.

All policies will be reviewed periodically as necessary with the goal of reviewing all policies within a four-year period or as required by statute.

Policies may be waived or suspended by a majority vote of trustees present. Reexamination of any policy may be initiated at any time by any Board member or the Library Director. The date of the last comprehensive revision or review of a policy will be posted on the original copy.

Article V: Acknowledgement of Applicable Law.

The Board understands and acknowledges that policies are:

  1. Designed to assist the Board with guidelines governing Library affairs and operations.
  2. Subject to, and do not supersede, other laws applicable to Library affairs and business.
  3. Automatically amended, by operation of law, to the extent of any conflict between the policies and other applicable laws.
  4. Intended to be updated by the Board periodically in an effort to maintain consistency between the policies and other applicable laws.

Article VI: Availability.

The official copy of the Policy on Policies and the By-Laws shall be kept in the Library Director’s office. A copy of these documents will be available for public inspection at the Reference Desks and posted on the Library’s website.


Adopted: 8/17/76
Revised: 9/20/88
Revised: 3/17/98
Revised: 3/20/01
Revised: 7/15/03
Revised: 8/22/06
Revised: 3/20/07
Revised: 10/20/15
Revised: 04/16/19

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