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Patron Records

Article I. Confidentiality

Pursuant to the Library Records Confidentiality Act (75 ILCS 70/1) (LRCA), the information that the Library requires a person to provide in order for that person to become eligible to borrow books and other materials, as well as information identifying the individual borrowing particular books or materials, are confidential. Except pursuant to a court order, no person shall publish or make any information contained in such records available to the public. This restriction shall include the press and any agency of State, Federal or local government. The release of statistical information is permitted provided no individual is identified in the information released.

Article II. Patron Email Information

Email records are registration information, and therefore fall under the provisions of the LRCA. The Library collects email addresses from patrons with their permission. The Library uses this information only for the conduct of library business, such as sending circulation messages and confirming online program registrations. With patron consent, the Library may use email to promote library services and programs. The Library does not sell, exchange, or lend email lists to outside companies, organizations, or individuals.

Article III. Procedure for Access

Library staff shall observe the following procedures:

On receipt of any legal process, order or subpoena, the Library staff member in charge will immediately consult with the Library Director or, if the Library Director is not available, the Associate Director, the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer of the Board, or any Library trustee. All requests shall be referred to the Library Director for appropriate disposition. The Library Director will consult with the Library Attorney to consider appropriate action. Until the legality of such process, order or subpoena has been affirmatively shown to the satisfaction of the Library attorney, the Library will resist its issuance or enforcement until any such defect has been cured.

Staff is instructed to cooperate with law enforcement officials executing a search warrant. If a search warrant is executed immediately, staff will notify a library official as previously noted.

In the event of a demand pursuant to the Patriot Act, the Library Director and/or the Library Attorney will be consulted.



Adopted:    6/20/95

Revised:      1/20/98

Revised:      3/20/01

Revised:      7/15/03

Revised:      8/22/06

Revised:      3/20/07

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